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Dear Flamenco Dancer, Performer and Lover,

Flamencista Flamenco Shoes - Perfect Design
Welcome to Flamencista!  

We are a team of very enthusiastic people who share an immense passion for the greatest dance ever.... Flamenco!
Flamencista was created to realise a life-long dream;

To offer the most Elegant, Comfortable, Durable and Affordable flamenco products that have ever been made!
Purely Perfect Design

Flamenco Shoes Flamencista WorkshopFrom the very beginning our criteria were simple: Spanish craftsmanship, Spanish materials, handcrafted production, incredible design, top quality, and affordable prices. We tested hundreds of shoes and we never compromised on our principles until we found what we would consider to be the BEST FLAMENCO PRODUCTS

Our mission ended in the beautiful town of Malaga, the very birthplace of Flamenco. 
It was there that we discovered  Flamenco  workshop that had been crafting Flamenco shoes and Flamenco skirts for many generations. Together, we went to work:  We blended Flamenco shoe craftsmanship with experience and passion for the dance of Flamenco and after exhaustive tests and trials we were able to proudly gaze at our brainchild:  the Flamencista® collection.

Traditional craftmanship in Our
Workshop in Malaga 

We were certain we had created the perfect Flamenco products.  After all, we had secured the collaboration of the most revered Flamenco female dancer, Manuela Carrasco who helped us tailor our shoe to the needs and requirements that TOP FLAMENCO PERFORMERS have. 

 Flamenco Dance Shoes by Manuela Carrasco
Manuela Carrasco wearing our Ultimate Collection

We Are Now Proud To Offer You The Ultimate Dancing Tool!
The Flamencista
® Collection

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The Flamencista ® Promise to You

Flamencista - Flamenco Dance Shoes Logo

Best Flamenco Shoes Ultimate quality and durability 
Best Flamenco Shoes Shoes Tested and exclusively worn by Manuela Carrasco - one of Flamenco's greatest legends 
Best Flamenco Shoes Pure comfort enabled by the in-sole cushioning and soft yet durable leather
Best Flamenco Shoes Incredibly clever design to enable superb expression of movement and tapping sound quality 
Best Flamenco Shoes Wide variety of types and styles to satisfy every need, from amateurs to top professionals
Best Flamenco Shoes Huge range of sizes including shoes and skirts for children 
Best Flamenco Skirts Products fully handcrafted in Spain 
Best Flamenco Skirts Best Value for Money and Special Introductory discounts
Best Flamenco Skirts 100% Money Back and Price Matching Guarantee!
Best Flamenco Skirts We customise our shoes and skirts for a perfect fit!
Best Flamenco Skirts Flawless customer service
Flamencista - Flamenco Dance Shoes Ultimate Money Back Guarantee!

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We offer unbeatable prices!

Our Flamencista
® Ultimate Collection - Special Edition of Manuela Carrasco

Flamencista Flamenco Shoes | Our Stunning Ultimate Manuela Carrasco Collection

A true masterpiece! The result of unprecedented craftsmanship and collaboration with one of Flamenco’s greatest performers and legends, Manuela Carrasco. Manuela Carrasco has been wearing our Ultimate collection producing captivating performances.

This beautifully designed shoe
is offered in a luxurious gift box and bears Manuela Carrasco's official signature on both insole and sole. Her full endorsement certifies the high quality, durability, and elegance of movement that our Ultimate collection can bring to your performance.

This shoe will enable you to deliver an emotional yet powerful and passionate performance that will thrill your audience.

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15% OFF!!!

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Buy Now Our Ultimate Manuela Carrasco Flamenco Shoes!

Our Flamencista
® Elite Collection 

Flamencista Flamenco Dance Shoes - The Incredible Elite Collection

If you are already dancing at a professional level and require shoes that will last for a long time then LOOK NO FURTHER!

Our Elite Collection is made of premium quality
double-stitched cowhide leather and even has a two-ply leather sole. These shoes promise you a perfect tapping sound and ultimate durability to respond to the needs and live up to the expectations of even the most demanding dancer.

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Buy Now Our Great Elite Flamenco Shoes!

Our Flamencista ® Professional Collection

This is the perfect shoe for those at the professional level or those seeking to step up to it.

Our Professional Collection will provide you with unquestionable comfort and superb sound quality! They are truly resistant shoes to any performance wear and tear. They are handmade of the finest cow leather and have a hand-stitched leather sole for additional durability.

The Professional Collection has been designed to provide an acoustically perfect sound.

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Buy Now Our Great Professional Flamenco Shoes!

Our Flamencista ® Semi Professional Collection

 Flamencista Flamenco Shoes | Our Fantastic Semi-Professional Collection

The Semi-Professional Collection is suitable for more experienced Flamenco students or beginners who are looking for top quality at very affordable prices.

They are handmade of cowhide leather, have synthetic soles, and are suitable for long practice sessions.

The main differences from the Professional model are that their tapping sound during the zapateado is somewhat less perfect, and their soles are synthetic and glued on rather than hand-stitched.


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Buy Now Our Great Semi Professional Collection!

Our Flamencista ® Amateur Collection

Flamencista Flamenco Shoes | Our Amazing Amateur Collection

Your first dance shoes that you will never forget!

These shoes are ideal for you who are about to enter the world of Flamenco. Like all our shoes, they are handcrafted using traditional methods. Still they are priced competitively to make them affordable for beginners.

We have carefully achieved this by using more cost effective materials such as lower-grade leather and synthetic soles, which are glued on rather than hand-stitched. 


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Buy Now Our Great Amateur Flamenco Shoes!

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Our Product Reviews

Manuela Carrasco, the "Goddess of Flamenco", one of Flamenco's masters and legends Exclusively Wears Our Shoes!
"We are proposing a great challenge: to make a perfect tool for flamenco dancing, in order to succeed in obtaining the product you can trust to help yourself to transmit all the strength and feeling of a Flamenco dancer.

We have put together experience and knowledge to create a pair of craftsman dance shoes, following the advice and characteristics and necessities of Manuela Carrasco demands, who is described as the goddess of the flamenco dance.

Manuela Carrasco's feet, full of force and expression have powerful but measured Spanish tap dance, equipped with a great variety of registries.

The result is a splendid and exclusive range of shoes guaranteed with her signature, by the matchless exponent of the pure flamenco dance."
Manuela Carrasco the "Goddess of Flamenco" Wears Our Flamenco Shoes
Manuela Carrasco - Flamenco Shoe Legend

Enjoy this video showing a thrilling Manuela Carrasco performance in Flamencista ® shoes

...and here is some ordinary people with lots of nice things to say about Flamencista ® shoes!

“Finding Flamenco shoes in Australia is mission impossible. I spent many days on the Internet trying to find the ideal  Flamenco shoes for me and my little daughters. I came across Flamencista® and I was impressed by their prices and overall offering. Too good to be true, I asked myself? There was one way to find out. I placed an order and we are now enjoying the best Flamenco shoes we ever had!"

Flamencista Flamenco Shoes Mary J
Mary J, Australia

“I have been wearing Flamencista skirts since my very first steps in Flamenco. I have always been totally satisfied with the quality and customer service. I recently ordered the Ultimate Manuela Carrasco shoes. UNBELIEVABLE! By far the best shoes ever! All my friends have also ordered them. Thank you very much!"

Flamencista Flamenco Shoes Barbara H
Barbara H, Canada

“Flamencista® was recommended to me by a close friend who was totally excited about them. I was reluctant to try their products as I had been using designer products only and thought that this was yet another overrated offering. Was I wrong! Ever since trying Flamencista® I have not looked back."

Flamencista Flamenco Shoes - Reina P, Spain
Reina P, Flamenco Dancer, Spain

“Flamenco is really big in Singapore. It was very difficult to find really good flameno shoes and flamenco skirts that would fit my feet comfortably and allow me to practice for hours without having to spend a lot of money on designer products. Flamencista does just that. Amazing feeling, amazing dancing, amazing prices! Thank you so much!

Flamencista Flamenco Shoes -Maiko A
Grace T, Flamenco Dance Student, France

“I have been blindly spending hundreds on branded shoes, but I was never satisfied. A few months ago I ordered Flamencista® shoes. Just amazing! I have never tried anything as comfortable yet robust before and I have seen a significant improvement in my performances.

Flamencista Flamenco Shoes - Angie A Flamenco Dance School Owner
 Angie A,  Professional Flamenco Dancer, England

“As a large Flamenco school owner I always want to recommend to my students the best possible Flamenco boots. Flamencista® are absolutely superb. You cannot beat the value for money and incredible quality.  What's more, I got  great customer service. I had a response to every one of my questions almost instantly! Highly recommended!" 

Flamencista Flamenco Shoes - Spiro T Professional Flamenco Dancer
Spiro T, Dance School Owner, USA

Dance the Flamenco Like Never Before!

Flamencista Flamenco Shoes - Unparalled Quality and Comfort


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Your decision to enjoy our unique Flamenco Shoes and Flamenco Skirts is a simple one as we are 100% confident that you will find it indispensable in the same way it has been to thousands of other Flamenco dancers. However, for your peace of mind we invite you to try them on for yourself at our own risk!


If you are not satisfied with the quality of Flamencista products we will exchange them with another one or your money back guaranteed! No catches!


We guarantee that if you find any other branded designer shoes at these low prices we will match the price and offer a further 10% off of your next purchase!

Flamenco Dance Shoes 100% Guarantee

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We will get back to you within 1 working day!

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Remember, our vision had been to create the best Flamenco shoes for all of us who feel the passion of Flamenco. We have now achieved this. All you need to do is to take action now and make them yours.

Best Regards,

The Flamencista® Team

Note 1: Yes, you can be based anywhere in the world as our service is global and we would like to spread our passion with people around the world.
Note 2: Do not forget that you are covered by our cast-iron 100% money-back and price match guarantee!

Flamenco Skirts 100% Guarantee
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